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Samples of Recent Work



We live in a time where companies large and small see the importance and impact of video to their overall success. Whether through convention coverage, promotional video, or training/information videos, we have the skills to finalize your videos with class and flair.

This video for the annual US Youth Soccer National League incorporates high energy game play and interviews and was edited and posted in less than 24 hours.




Reality television requires a keen eye for engaging content. When editing the massive amounts of footage involved in these projects, it's important to approach it like a documentary; selecting only the most vital and interesting clips and assembling them in the most efficient way.

Post 85 worked with JBO Productions on multiple episodes within Season 5 of Country Boys Outdoors, airing on the Sportsman Channel.




Though the internet offers endless outlets for video distribution, there is still a need for commercials and infomercials. Post 85 has extensive experience in this unique workflow and knowledge of working with media buyers to deliver content in the proper format, customized to station specifications.

This :60 broadcast spot, was edited using footage from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II; graphics created using Adobe Photoshop & After Effects (CS6); and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This is one of many spots produced in conjunction with New Relevant Video.




While the power of all video is to tell a story and convey a message, narrative works allow the space for just a little more creative risk-taking, thus yielding greater emotional reward. We have experience editing both short and feature films and would love to be a part of your next project.

Shot and edited in 2016, this Florida-produced short film was not only written and directed by Spencer Sealy, it also stars him.




Oftentimes, the quickest and most effective way to reach your target audience is through the internet. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine (just after Google, its parent company); meaning online video gets you found! We have experience creating video for multiple social media outlets. 

This is one of many videos created with Quantum Media, a next level marketing service. This blog-style video was produced for the SleepSana brand to help market their product through social media distribution.



Training/instructional Videos

Video is an excellent tool to be used in the training forum. Not only can it be used to develop a deeper understanding of the material being presented, but it can be watched again and again for reference. Businesses of all sizes are turning to video for training and internal purposes. 

Post 85 has been working with the Wynn's/ITW brand since 2013 to produce educational training videos using their products and machines.




Music videos are really just super creative short films, the key of which is to keep the viewer engaged in the visual story as much as the music. In 2014, we were named one of the finalists for a music video contest hosted by the popular rock group, They Might Be Giants.




The magic of movies! They make us laugh, cry, think and inspire. Sadly, not all special needs children get the opportunity to have that theater experience. Whether due to economic circumstances, medical restraints or what others would call "disruptive behavior." "Movies for Me" started from one man's dream to give special needs children an opportunity to enjoy a movie in a theater with others who are also facing unique struggles. Every child should have the memory and joy of what the theater experience can bring.

Post 85 has worked with "Movies for Me" since 2014 to capture their annual event, and produce a recap video for the attendees to enjoy.